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This site was created for medical students who wanted expert advice in both learning about medicine and learning how to beat the USMLE Step 1 exam.  The USMLE Success Academy is loaded with free Step 1 ‘must-know’ information that you are going to see on your exam, so browse around and get a feel for what you can expect to be tested on.

Dr. Ciurysek has been working in the medical education field since his graduation from medical school in 2009, and has established himself as an expert in both teaching the basic medical sciences (Step 1 material) as well as mentoring students through the entire process from what to study, how to study, and how to score exceptionally well on the Step 1 exam beyond simply mastering the medical information tested on the exam.  Dr. Ciurysek and his team have carefully crafted a system for Step 1 preparation that is unlike any other and has a nearly perfect success rate amongst students who have used their strategies.

Dr. Ciurysek’s message to his students:  I was not the type of student who studied for a couple hours and did exceptionally well… I had to work extremely hard just to sometimes be an average student, but with all the roadblocks and hurdles that I had to overcome to be a great student I learned along the way that what everyone else is telling me I should do for success is often the wrong advice.  I did what the majority did while preparing for my own Step 1 exam (First Aid and as many questions as possible), however using this method resulted in an NBME result that was horrifying – therefore I had to re-evaluate my study strategies and think outside the box.

I decided to attend a board review course where I met a physician who would forever change the way I looked at medicine, looked at the USMLE’s, and looked at life in general.  Needless to say the man I met changed the way I thought, and from that experience I learned two things:  I learned that medicine was in fact not a discipline where I should memorize each and every detail, but instead recognize patterns and understand concepts which would ultimately allow me to derive as much information as I needed, and secondly that teaching students how to be successful was my true calling in life.  I decided that becoming a medical educator was what I would do post-medical school and I have been successfully helping students succeed on the USMLE Step 1 exams ever since.

I too wanted to be a motivator like my mentor was to me… I wanted students who enrolled in my courses to have that certain “aha” moment where it all made sense and opened up their eyes to the joys that come with learning medicine, instead of seeing it as a constant struggle.  That’s why I took 16 months after my graduation to perfect my approach to teaching students how to beat the Step 1 and how to achieve virtually any score they desired.  That’s why I created my ‘Six steps to Step 1 success’ process that helps students take a systematic approach to preparing for their Step 1 exams, instead of blindly studying and doing as many practice questions as possible.  This combination of my desire to help students along with my unique approach to the entire preparation process has proved to be very successful for all of my students thus far.

I look forward to speaking with you and hopefully helping you succeed on your Step 1 exam in the near future!


To your success!

Dr. Paul Ciurysek and the USMLE Success Academy team