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Conn’s syndrome is a high-yield endocrinology topic that students absolutely must know, and more importantly must understand. ¬†This video will help give you a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of Conn’s syndrome and will ensure you can answer all questions asked about it on the exam.

Hope that clarified some confusion if you had any!

Dr. Paul


  1. Moahmmed Ibraheem says : Reply

    alot of thanks to you , Dr.Paul

  2. Najibullah says : Reply

    was very useful, thanks.

  3. It was brief, clear, comprehensive, logical, understandable.
    Thanks Dr. Paul

  4. sumaira chales says : Reply

    thanks alot.

  5. David Barber says : Reply


    Thanks, Dr. Paul…. VERY Good stuff. What can be a very confusioning subject you broke it down and elucidated it well.

    • Paul Ciurysek, MD says : Reply

      Glad you liked it Dr. Barber. Did you receive the email reply I sent you over the weekend?

      Dr. Paul

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