Developmental Milestone table for the Step 2 CK exam

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I don’t know a single person who wrote the CK and didn’t have at least 1 question that asked them to identify the age at which the infant reached a certain milestone.  Here is the table I used and it provided me with enough to answer the questions I was asked:

Age Gross Motor Fine Motor Language Social/Cognition
Newborn Moro reflex, grasp reflex      
2 months Holds head up Swipes at objects Coos Social smile
4 months Rolls front to back Grasps Objects Orients to voice Laughs
6 months Rolls from back to front, sits upright Transfers objects Babbles Develops stranger anxiety, sleeps all night
9 months Crawls, pulls to a stand Pincer grasp, eats with fingers Non-specific words Waves goodbye, responds to name
12 months Stands on own Mature pincer grasp Specific words “mama” Recognizes pictures in a book/magazine
15 months Walks Uses a cup Speaks 4-6 words Throws temper tantrum
18 months Throws a ball, walks up the stairs Uses spoon for solid foods Names common objects Begins toilet training
24 months Starts running, can go up and down stairs Uses spoon for semi-solids Speaks 2-word sentence Can follow a 2-step command
36 months Can ride a tricycle Can eat neatly with utensils Speaks 3-word sentence Knows first and last names

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