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– Begins in the yolk sac at 4mnth of gestation

– At 6 months of gestation, it moves into the liver, flat bones, and the spleen.

– At 8 mnth of gestation, it moves into the long bones.

* a child with sickle cell before 1yr of age, you’ll see their head enlarge, spleen get big, etc

** if you ever lose your long bones, the spleen will take over and you’ll get massive splenomegaly.

*** If you ever see someone with massivesplenomegaly, always think of problems that eliminate bone marrow production (vinblastine, chloramphenicol, AZT, benzene)

Virus that can wipe out BM –> parvo B19

Bone disease wiping out BM –> osteopetrosis (decreased osteoclastic activity – no bone broken down, obliterates BM).


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