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Testimonials From Former Success Academy Students:

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More Student Testimonials:

I loved the way you explained medicine from basic approach – no one has ever done it (I mean BIG board review)” – John (Buffalo)

“Without your course my grades would not be as good as they now are – thanks!” – Matt

“Wow! Let me just say how awesome this program was for me.  For the first time in my life I finally feel like I get those confusing EKG’s” – Roxie (Florida)

“I wanted to let you guys know that I finally passed my school’s exit exam after taking your course” – Yonas D.

“After failing my exam, I needed some structure and 1-on-1 attention – your course gave it to me, and I’m happy to say I passed my exam” – Carol J.

“Hi Dr. Paul, I just wanted to let you know that I finally passed my step 1 – as you know I failed three times before your program – so thank you and I’ll keep in touch” – Judith (Washington)

Loved the way you explained Biochemistry & that’s the reason I started liking Biochem (so I can get through it)” – Anjum (Buffalo)

Duration of course is perfect – not too long, not too short” – Chanda (Toronto)

You know how to teach medicine by linking the concepts very well” – Willis (Toronto)

The best is that we learned the basics and now we can understand all the rest – as you say ‘knowing the big picture” – Antonella (Toronto)

Thanks for everything!” – Eduardo (Windsor, ON)

I just got my score, I passed with a 221!” – Lok (Philippines)

Please email me as soon as your CS course starts, based on the Step 1 prep I know I want to attend that too” – Jesse (Chicago)