High-Yield Growth & Development Facts

by / Saturday, 26 June 2010 / Published in Pediatrics
  • The height of a child at 2 years of age normally correlates with the final adult height percentile.
  • By 6 months of age the birth weight should double, and by 1 year the birth weight should triple.
  • The absolute best indicator for malnutrition is a child who is <5th percentile for height and weight.
  • Skeletal and sexual maturity are related more than it is related to chronological age.
  • The MCC of failure to thrive (FTT) in all age groups is psychosocial deprivation.
  • In patients with genetic short stature or constitutional delay, birth weight is normal.
  • Patients with both genetic short stature and constitutional delay have a growth pattern that is below and parallel to the normal growth curve.

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