High-Yield HIV facts for the USMLE Step 2 CK exam

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How often should the CD4 count be checked? Q 6 months

At what point is PCP a worry in HIV/Aids patient? When CD4 is <200

What is the most common opportunistic pneumonia in AIDS? PCP

How to prevent PCP infection? Prophylax with TMP-SMX when CD4 £ 200

At what CD4 level should prophylaxis against Mycobacterium Avium Complex be started? When CD4 is <50

Which type of cancer are HIV/Aids patients at increased risk for? Kaposi’s sarcoma

Should live vaccines be given do these patients? NO

Which is the only live vaccine to be given? MMR

Which type of blood disease is increased in this patient population? NHL

What is the most likely cause of pneumonia in HIV patient? Strep Pneumo

What is the most likely cause of Opportunistic pneumonia in HIV? PCP (be able to recognize if the question is asking most common cause or most common opportunistic cause)

Which organism can cause chronic diarrhea in AIDS patients? Cryptosporidium

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