Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.50.52 PMHere at the USMLE Success Academy, we know exactly what it takes to achieve top scores on the Step 1 exam.  Our goal is to take each student and equip them with the tools, knowledge, structure, and know-how that is required to score as high as possible on the Step 1 exam.  We specialize in helping IMG/FMG students and graduates with USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS preparation.  Virtual and live class sizes are always small, ensuring we can give you as much attention as you need.  Our goal is to get you the score you need to get into the Medical Speciality you want!

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The Academy harnesses the massive power of Active Learning to help our students become the absolute best they can be in their USMLE preparation process.  By giving our students an outstanding program that encourages them to actively engage in the materials, instead of simply to ‘sit and listen’, such as you get with most other USMLE programs, we turn ordinary scores into extraordinary scores!  Our goal here at the Academy is to eliminate the USMLE guessing game by providing you with a proven step-by-step plan for success, no matter which exam you’re preparing for!  By following our USMLE preparation strategies, your success is guaranteed!  Discover how our program will help you succeed by browsing our site and learning more about our ‘passing score guaranteed’ USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 preparation programs!



Our USMLE Step 1 preparation program is groundbreaking in it’s delivery and in the support our staff offers to each individual student.  When you join us for your Step 1 preparation, you will receive a full series of high-yield lectures, which you can watch as many times as you want, any time of the day, via our online classroom.  When you finish each day’s lecture, you will have a daily ‘to-do’ list in order to further solidify your knowledge and improve your chances for a top score.  In addition to this, we give you a very detailed, highly successful QBank strategy that will boost your knowledge and score to your highest potential.  All of this, in addition to 24/7 priority email support to your own personal MD tutor, is what you will get when you join our program.

When you join us, you not only get a high-yield review of the most tested USMLE Step 1 material, you get a full step-by-step plan for success, ensuring that each and every day you are doing exactly what you need to maximize your score and increase your chances of success.  We are so confident in our Step 1 preparation program that you are Guaranteed To Pass or you don’t pay!

Note: All students who enrol in our Step 1 program will receive access to our Step 2 CK program free of charge.

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Our LIVE USMLE Step 2 CS program is on it’s way to becoming the leading Step 2 CS program in the country.  We created this CS program with the IMG/FMG in mind, taking into account the extreme weight that this exam holds in the IMG’s residency application.  Our program is delivered differently that every other CS program out there, as all of our program’s emphasis is placed on helping students master the exact pieces of the CS puzzle that they need in order to pass – guaranteed!  

We take our students through a vigorous 1.5 day weekend program that introduces them to the different components of the exam, explains in detail where the points are coming from in each portion of the exam, then takes students through a variety of intense exercises throughout the weekend that ensures complete mastery of all of these necessary components.  When our students leave our program, they will know EXACTLY what they have to do in order to pass their exam, leaving them 100% confident that they will pass on their 1st attempt and ensuring that they will give themselves the greatest chance of attaining a US-based Medical Residency.

Session are held LIVE in Chicago, Illinois, and Toronto, Canada.

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