The Academy has has three payment options for students.  They are outlined below.

#1 – Pay Full Up-Front:

This option is our best deal, and offers students our Step 1 program for only $1597.  The regular Step 1 price is $2497 for 4 weeks, but students can save $900 by paying full price up-front. Students can also choose between 8, 12, 16 weeks, as well as 6 months.

Click HERE to select this option.


#2 –  Bill-Me-Later:

Students can take as long as they like or need to pay off their tuition.  You will receive 0% financing for the first six months.  A $99 fee is added to this option, still saving you $800 from our Regular Price.  PayPal will run a credit check before accepting this method of registration.  If you do not qualify for PayPal’s Bill Me Later option, email us to setup The Academy’s payment plan (full prices apply).

Click HERE to select this option.


#3 – Medical student payment plan up-front option:

Students who wish to pay for their program using a payment plan, who intend to pay it off fully before starting, can take advantage of massive savings by doing so.  With this option, students can choose a 6 or 12 month payment plan, at our discounted $1597 for 12 weeks access.

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