Managing a patient with Latent Tuberculosis

by / Saturday, 24 July 2010 / Published in Internal Medicine


First of all, what is latent tuberculosis?

Latent tuberculosis will present as someone who has a positive PPD test but has no symptoms and a negative chest xray.


What is the initial management of this patient?

Initially, you want to treat this patient for NINE MONTHS with ISONIAZID and B6 (to prevent neuro complications).


If they present again in the future, or have a history of latent TB that has been previously treated with Isoniazid, what is the next step in management?

If they have been previously treated, there is no need to re-treat with 9 months of INH


What type of counseling should this patient receive?

It is important to educate the patient about the signs and symptoms of TB, and it is also important to let them know that there is an increased risk of acquiring an active TB infection.

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