The USMLE Success Academy is Highly Ranked by the independent student members of!  Please click HERE to see the results for the “Best USMLE Step 1 Video Course” Poll.  Since 2009, we’ve helped thousands of Online students successfully prepare for their Step 1 exam and we are proud to say that we have less than ten (10) reported failures! 


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The USMLE Success Academy’s Live USMLE Step 1 Preparation Program in Schaumburg, IL (located less than 30 minutes outside of Chicago) is now open for registration for all 2015 sessions and now includes two (2) free NBME® exams.  If you would like to join us Live in Chicago, click HERE.

To learn exactly what our Live Step 1 Preparation Program entails, please visit our Program Format page.



It is nearly impossible to accumulate and gather all the required materials, to prepare an effective study plan that covers all the necessary material, and to discipline yourself day-in and day-out to accomplish the task of conquering the Step 1 exam without the guidance of a trusted preparation program.  During medical school, your basic science courses were generally taught from a different perspective than how the information is being tested on the Step 1 exam.  With these obstacles faced by students in mind, the Success Academy’s Team of MDs created a comprehensive Preparation Program that provides students with the required material, comprehensive study plans, and the vital tools needed to conquer the Step 1 exam.  Rest assured that joining the Success Academy’s Step 1 Preparation Program will provide you with the support and proven expertise that you need in order to be successful on the Step 1 exam and to have the confidence and peace of mind in your ability to do so.



We designed our comprehensive, high-yield Online Step 1 Program specifically for students who want to prepare for the exam from the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price. Unlike every other online USMLE program on the market that simply tape their live lectures and sell them as an “online” program, we recorded informative, engaging, fun, high-yield lectures specifically tailored for our Online audience! We created a unique, exclusive program that was designed from the ground-up specifically with the Online student in mind. Our Online program is user-friendly, the material is taught in an easy-to-absorb format, and, more importantly, highly effective at providing you with exactly what you need to succeed without all the unnecessary extraneous information!

The USMLE Success Academy’s Online Step 1 Preparation Program is a highly flexible preparation option for students who do not want to spend the time or money to travel to our headquarters in Chicago for our Live Step 1 Prep.  Whether you are fresh out of medical school or have been away for some time, our goal is to ensure your future success on the Step 1 exam.  Our Program covers each and every aspect of the ‘testable material’ as set by the USMLE organization.  

When you join our Online Step 1 Preparation Program, you will receive two (2) free NBME exams (pre & post program), unlimited access to our comprehensive, high-yield curriculum, a full set of course books, our detailed step-by-step Preparation Strategy manual, and our Test-Taking Strategy manual.  In addition to unlimited access to our lecture series, our Program comes with subject-based practice exams, comprehensive practice exams and online quizzes that accompany each lecture.  Our track-record for success is evident not only in the number of success stories we’ve accumulated over the years, but in being voted the #1 USMLE Step 1 preparation program by the students of the largest online USMLE forum in the world (see our ranking HERE).

Since 2009, the USMLE Success Academy has been helping American and Foreign medical graduates prepare for their USMLE exams.  In that time, we’ve helped thousands of students by offering them the tools and support systems needed to to not only pass, but, more importantly, to score exceptionally well on their exams in order to be competitive for the Residency Match.  By joining the Success Academy for your USMLE preparation, you’re not just joining our Preparation Program, you’re joining a family who is 100% dedicated to your success in the near and far-away future of your medical career.



There are many benefits to joining the USMLE Success Academy’s Online Step 1 Program, however some of the greatest benefits you will come away with include the following:

  • Two (2) free NBME exams to gauge your pre-program & post-program Step 1 exam readiness, as well as to highlight your strengths & weaknesses for more accurate study planning and exam preparation
  • Access to our Team of MDs throughout your entire Program (Have questions? Send us an email and we’ll get right back to you with an answer.  An actual MD instructor that has taken, passed, and scored well on all USMLE exams will respond to your questions)
  • We have low student-to-MD ratio (This ensures we can dedicate the time to responding to and answering all of your questions in an expeditious manner, as well as updating and improving our program for you)
  • You have the flexibility of studying anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace
  • Unlimited lecture playback (Every other program limits you to 1-2 views only, then charges you for additional views)
  • Each student receives a detailed plan-of-action Preparation Strategy and Test-Taking Strategy (These 2 tools alone will boost your score significantly)
  • Each student will receive a highly detailed Question-Bank strategy (Use this to maximize results and get the most out of your time)
  • Each student will receive a copy of the USMLE Success Academy’s High-Yield Pharmacology manual (Everything you need to master the Pharmacology information required for conquering the Step 1 exam)
  • We’re the only USMLE preparation program in the nation to offer a Passing Score Guarantee or your money back!

These benefits, and much more, are built into our Online Step 1 Preparation Program for one single reason; to ensure your success!  Our Team of MDs strive each day to ensure that each student receives the attention they require and need to succeed on the Step 1 exam.  This stems from the Success Academy’s core Philosophy that quality always comes first for our students.  All other “online” Step 1 programs on the market give you limited access to their lectures and then you never hear from them again.  With the Success Academy, if you have any questions or need guidance, we are always here to help!

One of the biggest reasons for student failure on the Step 1 exam is a lack of focused planning and action-taking.  At the Success Academy, not only will we cover our proven step-by-step Test-Taking and Preparation Strategies on day #1 for all students, we will also develop a unique plan-of-action for every student who would like one based upon their NBME exam performance.  Since every student is different, we assess each and every individual student’s needs and develop a plan that will lead to their success on the Step 1 exam.

And finally, if a Step 1 program isn’t willing to give you a Passing Score Guarantee, then they don’t have the  confidence or track-record for success like the USMLE Success Academy does.  This is why we confidently offer our iron-clad Passing Score Guarantee* to our students.  If you follow our lead, work hard, and stick to the plan, we guarantee a passing score or you simply get your money back!*



On a daily basis, students can expect a combination of all of the following:

1. Daily lectures (Login to your online classroom, select the lecture you want to watch according to your schedule, add notes to your course books).

2. Daily quizzes (Each student receives digital lecture quizzes, subject-based practice exams and comprehensive practice exams – all online to provide instant results and feedback.  This immediate feedback will let you know if you need more attention and/or if you are properly grasping the material).

3. Contact us if you have questions (The Success Academy’s Team of MDs are working for our students around the clock.  If you have a question, just email us and we will get back to you promptly).



Students who join the Success Academy will gain priority access to our Team of MDs (Our Team consists of MDs that have taken, passed, and scored well on all the USMLE exams) during their first 30 days of lecture.  All course books will be mailed within 72hrs of registration.  Students should register at least 1 week before their anticipated start date to ensure their course books are delivered on time.

Upon filling out the form, you will be re-directed to our payment processor PayPal.  Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to register, only a credit or debit card.  If you are paying with a U.S. credit card, you may apply for a line of credit through PayPal with ‘PayPal Credit’.  This will allow you to register now, but make payments at a later date.

Once your registration is received, you will be contacted via email to confirm your payment/registration.  Prior to your session start date, you will be sent via USPS Priority Mail a package with all of the coursebooks and materials that you will need for the Program.

Note: The Success Academy ships coursebooks to locations outside of North America, the U.S. Territories, and the Caribbean for an additional fee (see registration form for further details).  If you are located outside of these areas, you also have the option of receiving your coursebooks electronically delivered to you via DropBox while you wait for your coursebooks to arrive in the mail.  

* For further details click here

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Online Step 1 Program (Payment Plans) Payment Plans
~ Choose From 4wks - 2yrs of Access ~
~ Free NBME Exams ~
~ USMLE-Style Practice Exams & Quizzes ~
~ Convenient Lecture Access 24hrs Per Day ~
~ Priority Email Access to Our MDs for Q&A ~
~ Preparation Strategy + Test-Taking Strategy ~
~ Passing Score Guarantee* ~
Step 1 Online + Live Programs Only $2997
~ 1 Full-Year of Online Access ~
~ 3 Weeks of Live Prep ~
~ Free NBME Exams ~
~ USMLE-Style Practice Exams & Quizzes ~
~ Convenient Lecture Access 24hrs Per Day ~
~ 1-on-1 Tutoring + Priority Email Access to Our MDs for Q&A ~
~ Preparation Strategy + Test-Taking Strategy ~
~ Passing Score Guarantee* ~