Staging Cancer of the Female Reproductive Tract – Step 2 CK exam

by / Wednesday, 23 June 2010 / Published in OB/GYN

Understanding and being able to visualize the areas of potential cancer of the female reproductive tract can help you gain easy points on the CK exam. This image depicts the common sites of cancer and beneath the image you can see exactly what these locations mean and how to treat them.

Stage 1 – Limited to the Cervix
Stage 2A – Upper Vagina
Stage 3A – Lower Vagina
Stage 2B – Into Parametrium
Stage 3B – Into Pelvic Wall
Stage 4A – Bladder and Rectum Involved
Stage 4B – Metastatic Disease

Once Cancer is found, the next step is to do a metastatic workup:

  1. Perform a Cystoscopy – looking for anterior spread of cancer
  2. Sigmoidoscopy – Looking for posterior spread of cancer
  3. IV Pyelogram – Looking for lateral spread into the ureters
  4. CXR – Performed for all cancer types
  5. Pelvic Exam


Poor Prognosis when:

  • There is + nodal involvement
  • When the cancer is poorly differentiated
  • When the size is >4cm
  • When there’s a poor prognosis, use adjuvant therapy such as Radiation and Chemotherapy

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