The Step 2 CS Mini-Mock Examinations can be scheduled by contacting us via email at or via telephone at 888-896-4224.  Please note that Mini-Mock Exams are held Monday through Friday from 9:00am through 6:00pm and the tuition cost is $597.00.   .


Our Live USMLE Step 2 CS Mini-Mock Exam is composed of a six (6) patient encounter practice examination that will allow us to fully assess your skills and abilities to successfully pass the actual Step 2 CS exam well in advance of test day.  The Success Academy’s Mini-Mock Exam has been structured to allow our Team of Physicians (all Instructors are MDs that have taken and passed the CS exam) to quickly and accurately assess our students’ abilities and determine their level of competence in only six (6) full standardized patient encounters.  When students are finished performing their six (6) full standardized patient encounters (Interview, Physical Exam, Closure, Patient Note), we provide each student with comprehensive feedback and grading of their performance that will determine their ability to pass the actual exam.

Students taking part in our Mini-Mock Exam will be evaluated on all of the components required to successfully pass the exam, including:

1. The ICE Component:  This component of the examination will assess your ability to properly and appropriately interpret and gather data from your patient, and how you relay that crucial information through your patient note.  Our observing Physicians will assess your ability to perform these tasks and provide you with detailed feedback regarding your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that may need improvement.

2. The CIS Component:  This component of the examination will assess your ability to display appropriate communication skills, how you develop a relationship with your patient, how you gather pertinent information from them, and how you provide the information gathered to them as required.  This component also tests your ability to help the patient make informed decisions and how you provide them with emotional support throughout the encounter.  This portion of the exam will be rated by our team of standardized patient MDs who have the necessary medical knowledge and training to ensure accurate feedback.

3. The SEP Component:  This component of the examination will assess your ability to use appropriate language throughout the encounter.  During the actual exam, examinees are evaluated based on their ability to speak clearly and properly, to ensure full patient understanding, and to limit the efforts required of the standardized patient to fully understand the examinee.  This portion of the exam will be rated by our standardized patient MDs who have the necessary medical knowledge and training to ensure accurate feedback.

Following the completion of all six (6) standardized patient encounters, our Team of Physicians will assess and grade your performance on each encounter, providing you with the comprehensive feedback required for you to know whether or not you possess the necessary skills to confidently and successfully take and ultimately pass your Step 2 CS exam.  In addition to providing you with detailed recommendations to improve your overall abilities, our Team of Physicians will assess any potential areas of weakness in your performance during each of the encounters.  Following the encounters, our Physicians will guide and counsel you on your performance during each encounter, thereby ensuring that you can improve and overcome any potential weaknesses you may have prior to taking the actual exam.



Our Step 2 CS Mini-Mock Exam is unique because:

  • We limit the number of students participating to one (1) per session, giving you full, uninterrupted attention by our Team of Physicians.
  • Our Mini-Mock Exams are taken in CS-like exam rooms, giving you the same experience as the actual CS exam.
  • You get immediate, direct feedback and correction of potential weaknesses.
  • We provide you with 1-on-1 consultation following your exam, thereby allowing you to ask questions and/or seek guidance as you move forward.
  • You will experience cases similar to the actual CS exam, ensuring the level of difficulty and challenges are exactly as you can expect them to be during the exam.
  • We’re just minutes away from the Step 2 CS test center (we are the only CS preparation center that offers this convenience).
  • We identify any potential weaknesses well in advance of you taking the actual exam for a minimal investment, ensuring that you do not fail on exam day.



Students that join us for the Mini-Mock Exam can expect the following sequence of events:

1. Short 15-minute introduction to the Mini-Mock Exam (procedures for the exam).

2. Six (6) back-to-back standardized patient encounters in a controlled, realistic environment (timed) – approximately 3hrs total.

3. Exam results, comprehensive feedback, and 1-on-1 consultation following your Mini-Mock Exam.