In order to secure a passing score guarantee, it is important that students follow our detailed step-by-step plan.  The plan to secure our guarantee is listed below and will outline/explain the reasons for each step.  Please read this fully before submitting your registration.

Please note that all of the steps below will be fully explained as a step-by-step strategy once you receive your program materials.

Step 1 – Identify any/all weaknesses: The goal of this step is to identify your initial weaknesses, and we recommend doing this by taking a comprehensive NBME exam.  Any student who is fresh out of school can forego this step if they were required to take a comprehensive NBME through their school in order to complete the basic sciences portion of their education.  The goal is to have the feedback required to move forward.

Step 2 – Begin The Academy’s high-yield review series and perform all quizzes.

Step 3 – Begin performing questions via a Question Bank (USMLE World recommended).  We will supply you with a step-by-step strategy for performing and dissecting these questions.  Complete this step fully.

Step 4 – Take an NBME to identify any remaining weaknesses (repeat until no weaknesses are present).

Step 5 – Achieve a minimum of 1 NBME score of 500: The purpose of this step is to give you the confidence moving forward that you have the knowledge and ability to pass your exam, as well as the ability to score within the national average range.

If a student performs the steps above they will qualify for our Passing Score Guarantee.