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“Dr. Paul,

I am not sure if you remember me but I took your USMLE CS class on November 30, and I am reporting that yesterday I received confirmation that I PASSED!! I have taken this dreaded exam multiple times, and taken multiple prep courses and none of them worked for me. I don’t want to drag this email for too long but I have passed step 1 and CK first time but this exam has almost made me give up medicine altogether.You have brought hope for me and my young family and from the bottom of my heart I will be foreverthankful to you and your program !!!

PS All 3 of us who took your class passed !!

Thanks again Dr. and all the best !!!!!!!


M. Abuhamda”


“Hello Dr. Paul,

I would like to let you know with great pleasure that I passed step 2 CS after taking your basic course for Step 2 CS. I am really thankful to you for adjusting the schedule and giving me an opportunity to have this class within the tight schedule of my exam dates. I am also grateful to Dr. Teed, our tutor for all the effort he took in training us for the exams.

Thanks and Regards,

Swathy Malathy Remesh”


“Hi Dr. Paul,

I hope all is well in Chicago. I got my step 2 CS score today, and am ecstatic to let you know that I passed! Just wanted to give my thanks for your teaching, as I would have been totally unprepared otherwise.

Now I will be focussing solely on the step 2 CK with the help of the online success academy course. Thanks again for all of the help and support.

Kind Regards,

Brooke M.”


“I wanted to let you guys know that I was finally able to pass my school’s exit exam, after several prior failures.

Yonas D.”


“Dear Dr. Paul,

I attended your CS prep course last Nov – the week of Nov 16th – and took my CS exam in Chicago on Nov 23rd.

You contacted me shortly after my exam asking me to provide some feedback of my performance to two of your colleagues. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to their Email because I thought I did very poorly on the exam and was very depressed afterwards.   I just received my score report today and was surprised to find that I have actually passed and scored substantially better than my previous attempt in both ICE and CIS categories… despite my subjective experience.

I’d like to thank you again for helping me overcome this big hurdle in my new medical career. I don’t think I would have passed otherwise.  With much gratitude,


Wendy Li”


“I passed my CS and it was you guys who made it possible!  Ayman A.”


“Hello Dr. Paul,

This is Hussam. I took a CS course at your center during thanksgiving and I just got my CS report from ECFMG and I passed.

On the exam day, I ran out of time at the 1st station while I was in the middle of the physical examination so then I determined to apply everything I had practised during the course and it worked.

Just wanted to thank you for your massive help. Have a nice day !

Hussam S”


“After using your programs with much success, I’m happy to say that this past Tuesday I matched into a Dermatology Residency – thank you for everything!

Jerry S”


“I just received results today that I passed my Step 2 CK. With only 3 weeks to prepare, I’m very happy with my score and a big advocate of your program.

Joseph Thomas”


“After failing my Step 1, I needed some focus and 1-on-1 attention.  Your program gave me exactly what I needed.  Thanks for going above and beyond to ensure my success.

Carol J”


“Hello Dr. Paul,

I wanted to get in touch with you again and let you know that I passed with a 209. I think I could have scored higher but they hit me hard with a lot of receptor and mechanism questions. Thank you again for the class, it made a big difference for me and I ended up with a really great study partner.

Thank you again!

Laura B”


“Hey Dr. Paul

Tusheena here how are you? Well I just got my CS result and I passed. Thank you so much. Seriously.

Tusheena G”


“Thank you guys for all of your help!  I just received my Step 1 score and got a 252!  Your programs have helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material, and I can’t thank you enough.

Jim H”


“I finally understand those confusing EKG’s, and now don’t panic when I see one in a question.

Roxanna Campos”


“Joining the USMLE Success Academy was a completely positive experience from the moment I started.  I will definitely continue to use you guys for the rest of my exam preparation, and will recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

Akram A”


“Dear Dr. Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed CS!! Just got my score. Thank you very much for your help!!

Alessia B”


“DOC! I passed my schools NBME comprehensive exam with a 220 equivalent!! Thank you!!!

George B”


“The USMLE Success Academy has given me the necessary skills to conceptualize and understand the basics for the Step 1 exam.  I’ve used other programs and wanted to give up, but this program has given me new hope after my failures, and it has ultimately brought me to success.

Ghouse Khan”


“I just want to thank you all for the great CS training for the past couple of weeks!

I had a great time by learning, and most importantly I can see how much I improved not only for the cs but knowing how to interact/communicate with patients as a real doctor.

You guys are very sweet and responsible! I really I appreciate your help and advise!



“Hi Dr Paul,

I wanted to thank you and also let you know that I’ve passed my USMLE Step 1; I passed med school several years back, and needed some material which was easy to understand and also not too overwhelming like the the last program I used. Also as I am working full-time, I could not afford to spend too much time reading.  I am looking forward to the Step 2 CS training.

Thanks, Sid S”


“Just wanted to update you on my step 1 exam.  I passed with a 230.  Thank you very much for your course, it really helped me prepare.

Glenn C”


“I would like to thank for your course for preparation for USMLE Step 2CK.  I followed recommendations you sent me and did all video and quizzes and have got  237 on my USMLE step 2CK.

Dr. A. Podcheko”


“‘I had written the CS exam twice and in both failed on the ICE component.I was at my wits end until i attended this review course The review course was a very good experience and i particularly liked the one-on-one nature of the course and so it’s personalized to one’s particular weakness/needs.It has helped me on how to organize my differentials and then support the differentials with specific questions to r/o or rule them in ( in particular the negative findings which i struggled with until the course and now i do understand the concept and am better at it now ). I now have a clear protocol in my mind on the differentials and . Also in the Review of systems i have a clear protocol in my mind so that i don’t miss anything (let’s remember its a point scoring system so the more you miss things the SP has on the check sheet the more points we dont get). I am alot better at performing focused physical exams in a timely manner. Of immense benefit was that now i knew what the right thing was. I just kept practicing, and so on the exam day it was second nature and so passed. I recommend very highly this course to anyone planning to take this exam.’



“I want to thank you and the usmleacademy team fror helping me out. I got the results and I passed step 1 (223). Thanks a lot.



“”I took the CS prep course with USMLE success academy and i had no idea what the exam is about. Everyone was very helpful and full of knowledge; they took me step by step and taught me everything from ethics to clinical knowledge. Basically we prepared for the CS exam in less than a week and i passed with High Performance! Can’t thank you enough. Highly

Peter Aziz”


“Hi Dr. Paul,

I must email you to thank you for assisting me through the CS exam. I passed it! Thank you again!

John Odeghe”


“I would like to inform you that I passed my CS exam and received my certificate. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your help and I couldn’t do it without you and your colleague’s help.  I really appreciate your kindness.

R. Mohtashami”