The Academy’s ‘How To Study For’ Series…

by / Monday, 20 January 2014 / Published in USMLE Advice

The Academy is about to launch a 4-part series to tackle the toughest areas of the USMLE. Students typically have the most trouble with the following areas:

1. Biochemistry
2. Microbiology
3. Pharmacology
4. Physiology

Not only do students struggle with these areas most, but they are some of the most frequently and highly tested areas on the Step 1 exam.

Why do students struggle with these areas so much?

They are voluminous, they are tricky at times, and they require a lot of memorization. What this means is that there will always be a percentage of students who have a tough time, and more often than not it is the FMG/IMG population who struggles.

If you find that you are one of those students who has a tough time with these areas, want to improve your ability to master the material, want to boost your ability to score well in class and on the Step 1, or just want to gain an edge in the way you tackle these areas, then our ‘How To Study For’ series will help.

It is 100% free to you, simply input your name and email into the form below and we will send you all 4 parts over the next 4 days. After 4 days, you will have the tools in your arsenal to tackle these FOUR tough areas and improve your scores!

What you’ll get in our 4-part ‘How To Study For’ Series:

We will give you simple to apply tricks for studying for each of these areas. We’ve found that many students only need 1-2 ‘tricks’ for maximum effectiveness. These strategies are not fancy, but are designed to help make studying each particular area easier, more efficient, and ultimately help you remember/master the information better.