The Academy has partnered with top Physicians from the Greater Chicagoland Area.  Our Physicians are Family Medicine Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Psychiatrists, OB/GYN’s, Pediatricians, Surgeons, and Surgical Sub-Specialists, and will work alongside you for a 1-month or 2-month Externship or Observership.  Currently we have Physicians from over 40 clinics around Chicago who have both clinical and hospital privileges, and will allow you to experience both.

These positions are highly competitive.  We are looking for students and graduates with a strong background, strong desire to learn more about certain specialties, and who are willing to work hard wherever they are placed.



This is an important question and knowing the difference will help you choose the appropriate title for your application below.  The ‘Externship’ is similar to the role of the medical student, which allows for hands-on learning as long as they are supervised by a Resident or Attending Physician.  Because of this, the ‘Externship’ is reserved for those who are currently Medical Students.  The externship is a fantastic way for medical students to gain more experience,  build valuable connections in their desired specialty at top hospitals around the Chicago area, and attain excellent Letters of Recommendation; ultimately helping them to strengthen their Residency application.  The ‘Observership’ on the other hand is described more as a ‘shadowing’ approach to learning, and although is meant to be hands-off learning, is still a highly valuable approach for graduates. An Observership allows Graduates to learn more in their chosen speciality, create valuable contacts in their desired specialty, attain excellent Letters of Recommendation, demonstrate their willingness to go above-and-beyond in order to learn more about the specialty, and ultimately to strengthen and improve their Residency application.


The details of the Externship and Observership options are outlined below.



It is an opportunity to gain medical experience alongside a Licensed Physician.  Throughout your Externship you will have the opportunity to take histories, perform Physical Exams, and discuss treatment plans with the attending Physician.  The Externship gives you a chance to learn in a fast-paced environment, as well as prove yourself to your attending Physicians.



An externship is an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience, make important contacts in the medical community, prove yourself as a competent Physician to your Attendings, and ultimately to strengthen your skills and Residency application.  Taking part in a medical externship demonstrates your willingness to work harder and to go above-and-beyond in learning along the path to Residency.  You will also have the chance to earn a strong Letter of Recommendation through your externship, which can have a positive impact on the overall quality of your Residency Application.



Current Medical students can benefit greatly by performing a clinical externship.



An Observership allows a Medical School Graduate to learn from licensed Physicians in both the clinical and hospital setting.  The observership is a more ‘hands-off’ approach to learning, but still an extremely valuable and effective strategy for learning more about your desired career specialty.  Taking part in an observership allows the Graduate to make important contacts in program, attain a valuable Letters of Recommendation, improve clinical knowledge, and strengthen the Residency application.



An observership is an excellent way to learn more about a specific specialty, build your network of contacts, strengthen your Residency application, and attain a strong Letter of Recommendation.  In addition to the above reasons, when a Graduate goes above-and-beyond to prove their desire to match into a certain specialty, it demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve.



Any Medical Graduate who wants to strengthen their Residency application can benefit from doing an Observership.  Graduates who have previously applied for Residency unsuccessfully may also want to perform an Observership as it demonstrates a commitment to their desired career path.



We strive to match the right student into our clinical Externship Program and the right Graduate into our Observership program, as this will best benefit both you and the Physicians you are working alongside.  For this reason, we are highly selective in who we will allow into the either program.  We want students with a strong dedication to medicine and who are willing to work very hard for the entirety of the program.  For the right candidate, once you are selected we will help to ensure that you gain the most out of your externship by consulting with you on a weekly basis, giving you tips/strategies that will help you to standout amongst your colleagues and make the most out of your experience, and doing everything we can to ensure your experience is a positive one.  We will work with you throughout your entire Externship to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward, so that you can make the most out of your opportunity.  We will also provide you with ‘Clinical Externship Success’ notes, which will give you a step-by-step look at how you can go above-and-beyond to demonstrate your excellent abilities.

Note: Applicants who are selected for either an Externship or Observership will require Liability Insurance.  We have a partnership with an Insurance company in the Chicago area who will handle this and supply you with the appropriate insurance.



All students who would like to participate in the 1-month or 2-month Externship or Observership Program must fill out the Application below.  In order to participate, you must have legal authority to be in the United States.  The cost of the Externship or Observership Program for successful applicants is $3000USD for 1-month or $5000USD for 2-months (Includes: 1-2 months of clinical externship or observership experience in Chicago, Liability Insurance, and weekly consulting with one of our Physicians).  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you via email if you are selected for one of the available positions. A 25% deposit is required within 48hr of acceptance in order to hold your spot.

Still Have Questions?  Visit our Clerkship FAQ Page HERE


Please fill out the form below completely and honestly.  You will be required to upload files demonstrating Identification, your CV/Resume, Medical School Transcript or Diploma if Graduated, and a copy of your Immunization record.
Please Note: Availability of Externships and Observerships are dependent on each Physicians current schedule, and a particular start date cannot always be guaranteed.  Therefore, flexibility will be important in attaining a position.  We will however do our best to place you on or around your desired start date.  If you are accepted into our Externship or Observership program, a 25% fee is required within 48hr of acceptance to hold your spot.

NOTE: Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, OB/GYN are currently full. Internal Medicine and Family Medicine spots are still available.


Refund Policy:

1. Deposits are refundable up to 4-weeks prior to the start date of your Externship or Observership.

2. Full tuition is refundable up to 2-weeks prior to the start date of your Externship or Observership (minus 25% Deposit)

3. Requests to change date and/or specialty are subject to a 5% change fee of total fee.