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Many students have emailed me with troubles in understanding how to attack questions involving the concept of graphs that involve alpha and beta blockade.  The important thing in attacking these questions when studying is to realize that you cannot memorize what you’re studying, you have to grasp and understand it in order to ensure you will be able to answer board questions.  The writers of the USMLE know that students are memorizing the graphs from the First Aid, from Kaplan, etc.  So they’re simply going to change things up a bit and try to trick you; if you understand the physiology however it will help you succeed with these types of questions.

This short video is going to go over some of the most commonly tested situations and while I don’t cover everything, the physiology that I’m explaining should be enough to equip you with what you need to master the strategy for success with these questions.


Best of luck!

Dr. Paul

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