VIRAL vs. ALCOHOLIC HEPATITIS (how we get the lab values)

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If you don’t know why or where we get the 1:1 AST:ALT for viral vs. 2:1 AST:ALT lab values for alcoholic hepatitis, then this video is going to open your eyes to some cool biochemistry.  I’ve found most of my students were never taught where this information comes from, and whether that is the fault of their professors or the fault of the review books out there today it doesn’t matter… Now I’m going to clarify it for you so you’ll always know where this information comes from and you’ll be a step-above the majority of the other students/residents that you’ll be working next to in the next few years of your medical careers.


I hope that opened your eyes! For me, when I learned this information it intrigued me as to how all of the other lab values were derived, so that I could actually understand where all of these labs we do actually come from. If you look around here, you’ll find that I answer many of the questions you are seeking answers to!

Dr. Paul

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    Didn’t know about the GGT. Thanks for sharing!!!

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