Here at the USMLE Success Academy, we have intimate knowledge of what the Old Step 1 programs are teaching their students; because we’ve personally attended them!  We know what they’re teaching and how they’re teaching it, so we’ve gone above and beyond to create programs that are superior, more tailored to our student’s needs, and designed to achieve greater results without the cost of a small car!

We want you to know exactly why using the USMLE Success Academy to prepare for your USMLE Step 1 exam is the BEST CHOICE for you, and how we go above and beyond what all other courses out there are willing to do for you… Below we have outlined eight important characteristics of our Step 1 program that make us the best choice for your Step 1 Prep.

In addition to the reasons below, one of the greatest advantages we can give our students is our intimate understanding of exactly what it is that Medical Residency programs are looking for in an IMG/FMG candidate to fill their hospital’s positions.  Two extremely important characteristics of a top candidate are: 1. A rock-solid USMLE Step 1 score, and 2. A 1st attempt pass on the Step 2 CS exam.  These two important factors are why we dedicate each and every day to helping our students achieve excellent scores on both of these exams; and they are the reasons why we are constantly updating and improving our programs, year round.  While other programs are updating their information every 2-3 years, we are updating ours on an ongoing basis.  We do this so that our students have the greatest advantage over every other student competing against them for those coveted Medical Residency positions.



The classic ‘classroom approach’ to USMLE Step 1 preparation is old and extremely ineffective for a good portion of medical students, simply because sitting through lectures is usually not enough to yield the best results.  Our students benefit from a variety of tools that we combine to give you the best chances of mastering the material and being apply to apply it where it counts: on the exam.

All other courses give you a coursebook and lectures, but do not go the extra mile by giving you a step-by-step plan that ensures you use these tools to ensure your success – we do!



We know from experience that foreign medical students require more than just a basic review, they need a strategy and they need skills that will improve their USMLE test-taking abilities.  We know this based on our own past and from helping thousands of our own students.  We are the only USMLE preparation program in the world that has developed, tested, and perfected a step-by-step strategy for the preparation process and for test-taking.  The Academy will give you the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use approach that will guarantee you score as high as you possibly can!

Those students who follow our plan to the letter have a passing rate of over 99%.

For those students who need more guidance, we offer a no-charge initial telephone consultation in order to address weakness and deliver a unique strategy to help overcome these weaknesses.



The majority of Step 1 preparation courses fail to address the needs that foreign trained or foreign educated physicians have in preparing for the exam.  The US system is different from those around the globe, and many of the non-US based medical schools (Caribbean, Europe, etc) do not adequately prepare their students for the USMLE’s.  We know that the majority of students looking for help in preparing for the USMLE exams did not attend a US-based medical school, therefore we have taken extra measures to ensure we expose you to the materials that are tested on the USMLE Step 1.  In addition, we give you the tools you need to put you on an even playing field with those US students who are competing with you for those coveted medical residency positions.

All other courses fail to give FMG’s/IMG’s that extra information beyond just course material that will help them succeed in the US system.  We are here for you whether you have course material questions, residency match questions, and/or anything else that you need to succeed in achieving your dream of becoming a physician in the United States.



One of the greatest compliments we get from our students is how beneficial they find it to be able to email us any course-related question, day or night, and to have one of our MD’s respond within a few minutes with a clear, concise, detailed answer.  This access to our team of MD’s gives our students the security of knowing that when they come across a concept they can’t quite grasp, or a practice question that they don’t quite understand, that they can send us a quick email and they’ll get an answer quickly.  This ensures that you aren’t stuck guessing, or worse – not understanding… and ensures that you clearly understand everything you need to succeed on your exams and in your career.  When you register for a session, you get the private email address of one of our MD instructors, which is linked to his/her cell phone.  This ensures that all questions you have are sent directly to us as soon as they are emailed, and that we can answer your questions whether we are in the office or not.

Other courses simply do not give students this type of ‘Round the clock’ access to them because they aren’t willing to go above and beyond for your success… We enjoy giving you this type of access because it helps you learn faster and therefore succeed, and we look forward to hearing from all of our students throughout the duration of their session.



We have helped students from across the globe, from the United States, Canada, Mexico, all the way to Russia and Saudi Arabia.  One of the biggest benefits we offer students is the ability to join the USMLE Success Academy’s Step 1 program from absolutely anywhere in the world.  There is no need to travel, no need to pay for a month’s worth of lodging, no need to pay for transportation and food just to master the material on the Step 1 exam.  We have taken a cutting-edge approach to USMLE preparation, offering our students a ‘Live lecture feel’ from the comfort of their own home.  We give you the ability to watch your daily lectures right from your computer, at any time of day, from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Our goal is to prepare you thoroughly without any of the un-needed stress of travel or extra spending.

Other courses use the ‘live lecture’ as a main selling point, but at the cost of thousands of extra dollars and lots of inconvenience to you.  Numerous studies demonstrate that a student’s success is not increased by sitting through a live lecture but in fact their success is directly related to their level of commitment and the study strategies they use.  We give you every advantage for success at a fraction of the price of our competitors.



After each lecture that we deliver, you will be given a quiz that will ensure you are mastering all of the highest-yield topics discussed throughout the lecture.  Each quiz ranges from 90-150 questions, and although long and detailed, is a key component on your quest for a top Step 1 score.  We have created these daily quizzes to be ultra-challenging, ensuring that you take away all of the high-yield information from each lecture that you absolutely need in order to be successful.  Each step of our program has a purpose, and these quizzes have been carefully crafted to not only help you master the most important lecture information, but they also give you an outstanding review guide once the program is completed (on top of your lecture course book).

Every other course out there that offers you ‘quizzes’, is offering 10-15 questions per topic, which falls very short of being an effective re-inforcement tool on your way to truly mastering the material.



We deliver an outstanding comprehensive Step 1 preparation program at a very fair price, and when you follow our strategy for success, we guarantee your success.  If you don’t find that success, we will refund your tuition as per our Guarantee Agreement.



We understand the need for an affordable Step 1 prep course, we were medical students only a few years ago.  Other preparation courses charge more than 2-3 times as much as we do, in addition to the out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation for 4-8 weeks.  Since we have the benefits of an internet-based prep course we are able to offer you the best and most affordable Step 1 prep course on the market starting at only $1597. If you pay up-front, you can save up to $1000 on the cost of tuition! – this all comes with a full Passing Score Guarantee!. Students also have the option of pre-registering using payment plans at 0% financing.


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