The road to becoming a licensed physician in the United States is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more medical students are applying each year.  Only 10 years ago, there were more residency position than there were applicants, today there are approximately 0.6 residency positions available for every 1 applicant, making your USMLE exams the most important initial factor that gets your foot in the door.  Because thousands of bright, highly motivated medical students are failing to match each year,  The Usmle Success Academy™  was founded in 2009 as a tool for helping more students achieve outstanding scores on their USMLE exams.

Our mission at The Usmle Success Academy™ is to help the student understand concepts beyond what are taught in the traditional medical curriculum, which will help them see medicine in a whole new light, enabling them to master (not memorize) the necessary information required for outstanding board scores.

The Usmle Success Academy™ was founded to help any medical student who desires top board scores and a successful career in medicine.  We currently offer study guides for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exam that are unlike any other on the market. We also offer online USMLE Coaching/Tutoring that offers our students an unprecedented amount of USMLE Prep support.

Best of luck in your medical endeavors, we hope we can help you achieve your dreams!

Dr. Paul Ciurysek