Step 1 Online & Live Program Formats

We want all students to have a detailed and firm understanding of the exact format of our Step 1 Preparation Programs.  Below you will find a detailed outline and explanation of the entire Live Step 1 Program and Online Step 1 Program so you will know exactly what to expect when you join us and how our Step 1 Preparation Programs will help you succeed on your Step 1 exam.

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Live Step 1 Preparation Program Format:

Our Live Step 1 Preparation Program consists of 4-weeks of comprehensive, high-yield in-class lectures, two (2) free practice NBME® exams, and activities designed to not only expose students to the highly tested basic sciences material, but to teach them how to apply this information when attacking challenging USMLE questions.  A major difference between the Success Academy’s Live Step 1 Preparation Program and the basic review courses on the market is the fact that we combine a variety of fun and challenging tools on a daily basis to ensure you are enjoying the entire learning process.  During the Program our students are immersed in our comprehensive, high-yield lectures, practice exams, quizzes, USMLE-style question blitzes to build stamina, and a variety of fun educational games to reinforce the material covered and test your recall memory.  Our goal is to make learning medicine fun, while at the same time building your confidence and abilities so you can put your best foot forward come exam day.

Prior to Day 1 of the Live Step 1 Program, students will take a practice NBME exam and gain access to the Success Academy’s Online Classroom that contains the Quiz & Exam Portal and Timeslots for scheduling the free, unlimited, 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.  While utilizing the Online Classroom, students can login to take our exclusive, unique USMLE style exams and quizzes, which gives our students direct feedback on their strengths and weaknesses while also allowing the Success Academy’s Team of MDs to determine if or where they may require extra attention and guidance.  On Day 1 of class, students will be provided with an introduction to the Program and receive a full set of coursebooks before getting started on the Day’s lecture topics and material.      

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Online Step 1 Preparation Program Format:

Our Step 1 Online Preparation Program contains approximately 95+ hours of focused, high-yield Step 1 video lectures, two (2) free practice NBME exams, daily quizzes with USMLE-style questions, a unique and exclusive question bank strategy, and continuous priority email support from our panel of esteemed MDs for the first 30 days of the Program.  Each day you will login to your student portal and watch as many lectures you desire or have the time for; which can be higher or lower depending on your free study time.  The amount of time you should dedicate to watching course lectures directly depends on the length of the subscription access to the Program and are to be followed in the sequence organized for you in the coursebook and in your virtual classroom.  However, you are free to watch videos at your own pace and convenience.  One of the important things students should realize is that medical science is highly integrated, meaning that all disciplines are intertwined and interact with each other. What this means is that in order to be successful in medicine, you must learn to think of medicine as an integrated ‘whole’, instead of as a bunch of different disciplines.  Our Step 1 Online Preparation Program is designed in a highly integrated fashion, meaning that while we do cover specific subjects individually, the majority of our subject material will intertwine.  As an example, our Endocrine section looks to be rather short at only 4 videos, however endocrine is covered in almost every aspect of the Program, and students will find that this is the best way to approach and master medicine, as well as achieving success on your exam and beyond.

During your session, you may watch any of the lecture videos as many times as you like as we do not place any restrictions on the number of times you can review the Program lectures, which is just one of the many exclusive, key features of our Program.

EXTRA COURSE MATERIALS (on top of course lectures in the online classroom)

Coursebooks:  There are 4 coursebooks that will be a part of your Program.  Each coursebook corresponds with your daily lectures and is designed in an easy-to-follow and understand format.  The Basic Package receives a digital copy of the coursebooks and the Standard and Premium Packages receive printed and shipped copies of the coursebooks.  

NBME Exams:  You will be provided with two (2) free practice NBME exams in order to gauge your pre & post Program exam readiness by choosing the Premium Package.  Additionally, your NBME results will highlight your strengths and weaknesses so that we may assist you in creating an effective, step-by-step study plan catered to your exact needs and exam goals.

Daily Quizzes:  You will gain access to all of the post-lecture quizzes, the diagnostic exam, and all cumulative exams.  These quizzes and exams are designed to help reinforce the high-yield material taught during your lecture on that particular day.

24/7 Email Access:  A unique and key feature of our Step 1 Preparation Program is that our Premium Package provides students with access to our dedicated Team of esteemed MDs throughout their Online Program access.  Our MD instructors link their private email addresses to their offices, homes, and cell phones, ensuring that any question you may have is addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

Detailed Preparation Strategy:  A significant key to your success is our highly tested and perfected Preparation Strategy.  The Success Academy’s Preparation Strategy has been designed to give students a detailed roadmap for their Step 1 success.  You can begin to implement our Preparation Strategy on the first day your session begins in order to maximize your potential.  Our Preparation Strategy is designed to continuously guide you as you progress towards your goal of achieving success on your exam.

Test-Taking Strategy Guide:  The Success Academy has designed a USMLE-specific Test-Taking Guide that will help you dissect USMLE questions and help you master the steps involved in answering the most difficult of test questions.  Our Test-Taking Guide will give you a specific format for analyzing, dissecting, and effectively attacking each question, as well as helping you become more time efficient in the process.

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The following breakdown of topic discussion applies to both the Live and Online Step 1 Preparation Programs.

All the subjects in our Step 1 Program are strategically placed in an order that builds upon the material from each previous lecture.  By following our particular sequence of lectures, you will build the requisite, rock-solid foundation on which all of the remaining basic sciences and clinical sciences will be taught.  This strategy not only exposes students to the most important material that will likely be tested on the Step 1 exam, but it gives them the tools they need in order to learn how to derive information when the entire picture is still unclear; a skill needed to score well on the USMLE’s, as well as being an effective medical student, medical resident, and clinician.

NOTE: While we do not cover Pharmacology and Pathology as individual subjects, they are covered throughout the entirety of the program.

Below you will find the weekly and daily details of the course, so you know exactly what is going to be taught and when

PART 1 (Introductory Principles of Medicine):

Part 1 is dedicated entirely to arming students with the important basics that they need to succeed in all other aspects of medicine.  Much of the information taught during part 1 is usually overlooked in the Step 1 review courses on market, but it is essential that students have a firm grasp on these topics as it will help them answer many USMLE questions that assume that students already understand this information.  Most students will struggle with a good portion of the USMLE exam simply because they don’t know how to apply the basic concepts in medicine – and this results in failures and poor scores.  Our Step 1 Preparation Program ensures our students are equipped with a solid understanding of the basic concepts in medicine so that they can succeed on the USMLE exams, as well as into their clinical years.

1. Genetics [158 minutes / 2.65hrs]

2. Nutrition [80 minutes / 1.3hrs]

3. Cell/Membrane Anatomy, Histology, Physiology [276 minutes / 4.6hrs]

4. Principles of Cancer [254 minutes / 4.2hrs]

5. Behavioral Medicine [405 minutes / 6hrs:45mins]

6. Heme & Vascular [380 minutes / 6.3hrs]


PART 2 (The Organ Systems):

Part 2 focuses on all of the major organ systems, combining all of the disciplines into each system.  High-yield Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathology will be covered for each system.

1. Gastrointestinal Medicine [480 minutes / 8hrs]

2. Cardiovascular Medicine [453 minutes / 7hrs:33mins]

3. Pulmonary Medicine [276 minutes / 4hrs:36mins]

4. GU/Renal Medicine [290 minutes / 4hrs:50mins]

5. Musculoskeletal Medicine [226 minutes / 3hrs:46mins]


PART 3 (More Organ Systems):

Part 3 focuses on all of the remaining major organ systems, combining all of the disciplines into each system.  High-yield Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathology will be covered for each system.

1. Neurology [574 minutes / 9hrs:34mins]

2. Reproductive Medicine [273 minutes / 4hrs:33mins]

3. Endocrinology [131 minutes / 2hrs:11mins]


PART 4 (Biochemistry, Microbiology, & Immunology):

Part 4 will cover all of the relevant, high-yield information within the disciplines of Biochemistry and Microbiology/Immunology.  This part will dive into great detail about each of these topics, yet focus on the high-yield information that the USMLE is most likely to be testing you on.

1. Biochemistry [239 minutes / 3hrs:59mins]

2. Bacteria [184 minutes / 3hrs:4mins]

3. Fungi & Parasites [67 minutes / 1hr:7mins]

4. Virology [116 minutes / 1hr:56mins]

5. Immunology [220 minutes / 3hrs:40mins]


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